Mobile App Marketing Personalization

Inform your users about the latest offer or discounts by short, personalized push notifications or reach them with a detailed offer by e-mail.

Define groups of your users based on their activity and behavior or use ready-made dynamic filters to create the target groups of your messages.

APPmanago is based on personalization and every marketing message adjustment to the actual preferences of an individual recipient. Marketing personalization uses individual information about each user such as:

  • name / surname
  • e-mail address
  • mobile device type
  • interests

and also behavioral data such as:

  • activity level
  • engagement level
  • reactions on messages
  • most often used modules.

Effects of use:

Using marketing mersonalization with APPmanago:

  • display an individual user content perfectly tailored to his preferences
  • optimize the costs of your marketing campaigns
  • increase conversion
  • automatically turn on / off various campaigns to each user

Examples of use

  • Display nominal content and offers tailored to individual user’s interests
  • Limit the number of offers sent to active users
  • Adjust the layout of app to user’s engagement in particular modules