Behavioral Profiling of Mobile App Users

Identify and monitor all the users who have downloaded your mobile app. Based on the gathered data, APPmanago creates detailed behavioral profiles of all users, what in combination with automated message delivery rules allows for fully personalized marketing communication with all your customers.

Features available:

  • Identification of mobile app users
  • Automated identification of the users future visits
  • Device identification – APPmanago recognizes the mobile device used by a user and it’s operating system
  • Geolocalization – the system also locates the place where the app was launched

APPmanago has one of the most advanced identification modules in the world that monitors all the downloads and use of your mobile app. Thanks to that the system tracks your users behavior, builds individual profiles and allows for automated reactions on different actions.

Examples of use

  • Defining offer target group based on geolocation
  • Automated message delivery call-to-action to users not active for a week