Integration with SALESmanago Marketing Automation


SALESmanago Marketing Automation is one of the largest marketing automation platforms, used by over 4500 companies around the world. System identifies your website visitors and monitors their behavior, building complex behavioral and transactional profiles of every individual contact from your clients database. Based on this data, the system realize automatic marketing processes in all marketing channels:

  • e-mail marketing
  • dynamic website content
  • social media
  • avertising networks
  • call center / POS

More information about SALESmanago:

Examples of use:

  • Use the information about users segmentation from APPmanago to display dynamic content on your website and to target automated adverts in the advertising network.
  • Fill in the behavioral profile of SALESmanago user with data from you mobile app and use them to automate processes held in SALESmanago (e.g. start the process of Lead Nurturing for each new user of your mobile application)
  • Start displaying adverts in your advertising network for inactive users of your app.